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Confirm Printed Paper Size
Printed Paper Size
1.Before printing this page please make sure the page scaling is set to “none” on your printing setup options.
-please measure the scale on the top and make sure it is exactly 1 inch.
2.If the measurement is not 1 inch exactly than check your printing setup options again to ensure it is printing at full size and than reprint before continuing.
Procedure 1: Find Ring Size by measuring finger with our paper sizer:
A)Please cut along the outline of our sizer.
B)Than please cut along the slit, which is the dotted line where it says “cut here”. This is located at the left end of the sizer.
C)With the numbers facing out , wrap our sizer round your finger”. for accurate measuring, please do not measure cold fingers as this is when fingers are the narrowest. Also, don’t measure your finger at the end of the day. as your fingers are widest at that time.
D)Slide the tip, or the pointed end, of the sizer into the slit.
E)Than Move the sizer to the widest part of your finger, which is often the knuckle.
F)Please Pull Tightly as if there is any gap left, you will not get an accurate measure.
G)The number which lines up at the slit represents your ring size.
Procedure 2: Measure Your Current Ring:
A)Choose a ring which properly fits the intended finger”.
B)Place your ring on the circles and locate the circle that matches the closest to the inside size of the ring.
C)If your ring falls between two sizes than order the larger size.
Size Image